Mandrake - innocence weakness - Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) -

With his huge head, saw-like teeth and little arms, Todd will captivate the attention of children, enrapture dinosaur lovers and charm readers with his childlike innocence and endearing disposition.

Etta Kett came along six years after Carl Ed 's Harold Teen and displayed certain parallels, notably activities set inside the Sugar Shack soda shop rather than the Sugar Bowl soda shop of Harold Teen . As Peter Kylling observed, Robinson also borrowed from his earlier strip, The Love-Byrds :

Concluding that due to their ability to fly, they will be able to survive, whilst the mammals will not. Afterwards, they track down the Herd and he reveals he is going to kill them, so they will not save all lives, and so he can rule the Earth later. Thankfully, Buck manages to lead the Herd to the forest and once again defeat Gavin and his children. They try to repeat their attack later during a storm, but end up getting electrocuted, sending all three of them paralleling towards the ground and into the trees, crashing into the ground.

Mandrake - Innocence WeaknessMandrake - Innocence WeaknessMandrake - Innocence WeaknessMandrake - Innocence Weakness